Finance and Accounting

Business processes are central to the success of any Company. A company’s finance or accounting functions can become a business enabler, by enhancing relationships with your clients and vendors, as well as refining your overall organizational agility. By standardizing processes, you can upgrade the way your business runs. And by incorporating Business Process Outsourcing, you can boost efficiency and lower your operational cost.

We operate a world-class shared service center and have in-house skills in the field of implementation of the underlying technology foundation to deliver on process best practices.

Finance and accounting transformed

Transform your F&A business processes by leveraging our experience and structured approach, to define and prioritize finance transformation initiatives.
As a trusted provider of BPO services, Let’sProcessIT offers outsourcing solutions that help reduce cost and enrich the satisfaction of end customers and employees for everything concerning Finance and Controlling.
Our BPO team facilitates the most recurring financial reporting duties: from managing the general ledger, taking care of auditing, reconciling accounts payable and accounts receivable in a purely “undemanding” fashion. Our solutions are highly customizable, with flexible resourcing to manage seasonal volume fluctuations, without sacrificing the deadline or overall service quality. Our standardized methodology for service setup projects allows us to create, jointly with our Clients, streamlined workflows linked to a shared understanding of and commitment to concrete operational objectives.

We provide fraud monitoring and prevention services, online banking support, customer surveys, data management and analytics services, general and health specific insurance, claim management, cash management, multiple entity consolidation, as well as global or segmental reporting to assist you with the balance sheet and P/L analysis.


Finance and Accounting BPO Services

  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Purchase orders reconciliation
  • Audit and controlling tasks
  • ERP/Accounting systems integration
  • Data management, manipulation and transformation
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Process Engineering and Consulting
  • Contact Center and CX Services
  • Credit and Banking management
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Volume data entry
  • Legal entity establishment and management*

* Italy, Norway, Serbia only. Services vary based on Country of choice and local legislation.

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