Electronics manufacturing

Reference case

Finance and Accounting

Electronic manufacturing

Company size:
 800 employees

Number of offices:

4 offices in 4 different countries 

Our Client is a global company specialized in high-quality loudspeaker systems manufacturing.


Since 2005, the establishment of more brands and expansion of its reach to new markets like automotive and geographies, has led to creation of a vast product catalog of high-performance loudspeakers built and distributed globally.

In a manufacturing process relying on special components and rare materials to achieve its production objectives, quality of supply chain management processes and cost control are essential to success.


Let’s Process it contributes to the Accounting function by processing Account Payable and import documentation, cross checking data and information from both stock and purchase order sides to guarantee accounting, finance process integrity, correct and timely payment to Suppliers. Relying on our team to facilitate the invoice’s management process, the customer was able  to entrust us with a purely technical  part of the work, thus being able to concentrate on other aspects concerning business growth and product innovation.

 We process document different in categories and nature, concerning the following subjects:

Domestic suppliers;
EEC and non-EEC suppliers;
EEC and Domestic Service Invoices
Cee Services documents
Import of Goods documentation