Corporate Travel Managment

We understand the unique and complex travel needs of businesses of every size, industry, and geographic location.

That’s why we design highly customized travel solutions based on your business’s specific travel needs and cost management objectives.

We provide Corporate Travel management services at sustainable prices, according to your travel management guidelines, ensuring opportunities are captured throughout contract life and access to the lowest possible rates is achieved.

Corporate Travel represents a customer-satisfaction centric domain, where cost-saving and service quality are of utmost importance.

Let’sProcessIT will consistently provide travel support services that enforce your Travel management policy while providing a superior engagement experience to your internal and external Clients.

Our BPO Team delivers world-class, quality Travel Management services while providing highly flexible and scalable bandwidth with an outstanding cost-performance ratio.

Travel Services


  • General Inquiries
  • Chat Support
  • Cancellations and Rescheduling
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • E-mail Handling
  • Complaints/Correspondence Handling
  • Customer Sales/Bookings and Reservations


  • Analytics and Newsletters
  • Net/Contract Fare Management
  • Seat Upgrades
  • Waitlist Clearance
  • Cancellations and Reschedules
  • Refunds and Exchanges Management fulfillment
  • PNR Completion and Update
  • Receivables Reconciliations,
  • Expense Accounting
  • Payables Reconciliations
  • MIS

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